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Fabulous foliage

From left to right: Parsley flower head, cardoon leaves, hawthorn and nigella.

Parsley flower head. Zingy, bright, lime-y green.

Parsley flower heads

These beauties weren't planned, they are simply a case of neglect (!) but a lovely surprise from the herb corner. Put directly into lukewarm water and left overnight in a cool corner, they lasted two weeks in a vase. I just wish I had some bright jewel colours to mix with it- it would look marvellous contrasted with some bright oranges, pinks and blues.

Dramatic, silvery-blue-green Cardoon leaves

Cardoon leaves

Tidying up the sprawling growth on the cardoon left a few of these huge tropical looking blue-green, silvery leaves spare. Vase life was unexpected if I'm honest- I took a chance and seared the end of the fat stems in a few inches of boiling water for 45 seconds, topped it up with cold water and left to condition overnight. Its still going strong after 10 days.

New growth on hedgerow hawthorn adds a fresh green colour


An unsung hedgerow hero :) Stems of fresh green leaves (snip off the vicious thorns hidden behind new leaves!) to add structure and a 'garden-gathered' feel to arrangements. Lasts up to a week in a vase (or old gin bottle!) after slitting an inch or so of the end of the stem and searing in boiling water before topping up with cold water.

Nigella forest :)


I have a Nigella forest in one of my annual beds this year after letting last years Nigella self-seed, so I took the opportunity to thin some out and grab some of this delicate feathery foliage!


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