Pressed bridal bouquets

A modern and longlasting way to preserve your precious bouquet

How it works

Pressed by Pod & Petal will carefully press and preserve your bouquet to preserve those precious memories of your special occasion. Bouquets need to arrive with me within the best condition possible, usually within 5 days to ensure the best results. I use completely natural and traditional methods to press and arrange your flowers.

How long will it take?

My method involves careful separation of flowers and foliages, sometimes down to the individual petal or leaf to ensure the best results. The pressing process can take between 6-8 weeks and the mounting and framing process up to a further 1-2weeks. 

How will it turn out?

Pressed flowers are a thing of beauty and a great way to have a treasured keepsake of your day. As flowers are a natural product, some changes will occur during the pressing stages and some natural colour changes will occur. Some flowers press more easily than others and some hardly change colour at all. If you want to discuss your bouquet, please drop me an email to get in touch!

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