Pressed flower cards (Natural Multipack x3)

Pressed flower cards (Natural Multipack x3)

Pressed flower cards featuring three different colours of rose petal mounted on high-quality textured rag cotton paper squares on brown kraft cardstock. 

Flowers (herb robert/wild geranium) were pressed using traditional flower pressing techniques which ensures vibrant colour preservation of the flowers and leaves. Each pressed petal used is truly unique due to the individual nature of each flower, meaning you get unique cards to send to your loved ones.


Cottage garden favourites homegrown and carefully selected from my cutting garden. Greeting cards made from recycled card, using homegrown flowers which have been carefully selected and pressed using traditional techniques.

Wild herb robert or wild geranium feature in this unique collection.


Card is high quality, recycled  card with matching envelopes supplied, and packaged in a compostable sleeve made from corn starch (no plastic). Cards measure 6x4inches, portrait layout. White cotton rag paper used as focal mount for the pressed flowers. Cards are blank to insert your own greeting. Can be used for all occasions.